Driving Trip/ Tal Chappar Black Buck wildlife Sanctuary

On a cold February morning, we started off from Jaipur towards Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary. Earlier, driving inside the sanctuary was not permitted but now it’s possible by paying an entry fee for the vehicle. Driving trips are something that I look forward to. It definitely adds to the excitement of traveling.

Tal Chapparwild life sanctuary black bucks rajasthan
A capture from Tal Chappar Wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan, exclusively reserved for the Black bucks

Tal Chappar is relatively lesser known wildlife sanctuary in India. However, that’s not the case among the wildlife and birding enthusiasts, since it is the only wildlife sanctuary reserved for the Black Bucks.

Sunrise black bucks tal chappar wildlife sanctuary
Black Bucks at Tal chappar. This picture was captured by a friend who’s wildlife and birding enthusiast.
Tal Chappar sujangarh tehsil rajasthan
The Indian Savannah- Tal Chappar, Rajasthan

Tal Chappar is close to 220 Km from Jaipur, located close to Sujangarh, a major town in the vicinity in Churu district in Rajasthan. A popular religious destination, nearby is Salasar, famed for the Balaji or Hanumanji temple drawing devotees from the far and wide. It was an erstwhile gaming sanctuary of the royals of Bikaner state, during the pre-independence period.

driving in rajasthan highways Tal Chappar
Driving towards Tal Chappar on Bikaner Highway from Jaipur.

Jaipur-Bikaner highway has undergone a big change over the years. Earlier, it was a 2 lane highway but now it’s a 4 lane national highway. I can vividly recall witnessing sand dunes on this highway, which is just not possible anymore.

Jaipur to Sikar section has the highest traffic flow on this highway. We took an exit from the Jaipur-Bikaner highway on the Sikar-bypass section. Switching to the Sikar-Salasar road, we were greeted with a two lane road. The traffic was low and the road was bumpy. The speedometer never crossed 50 Kmph on this road. One gets to experience the rustic side of the rural Rajasthan. There are no highway Dhabas on this route. Commercialization one gets to experience on most of the highways is missing here.  Driving between Salasar town to Sujangarh, is one of the best section of this driving journey. This 20 km stretch is a fun to drive with a minimal traffic. Upon reaching Sujangarh, we headed towards the Ratangarh town bypassing Sujangarh through the Mega Highway. Do note that you need to turn left towards Chappar town after around 12 Km. Sujangarh to Tal Chappar is about 16 Km. Upon reaching Chappar town, we took a left turn towards the Tal Chappar sanctuary.

Upon entering Tal Chappar WLS gate, we paid fee for both car and the occupants.

black bucks in Tal Chappar rajasthan
Expansive view of Tal Chappar WLS

Grassland dominates the topography of Tal Chappar. The grassland in this wild life sanctuary reminds me of the famed African Savannah!

black bucks roaming free in Tal Chappar wildlife sanctuary
Black Bucks at Tal Chappar wild life sanctuary

black bucks Tal Chappar rajasthan

Apart from the Black Bucks, one also gets to see the migratory birds as well as some rare raptors.

raptor bird falcon in Tal Chappar rajasthan
Eurasian Falcon can be commonly seen in Tal Chappar along with other raptors

Demoiselle cranes, a migratory bird from Mongolian-Siberian region are commonly seen at Tal Chappar WLS between Oct-Feb period.

Demoiselle Cranes, migratory birds from Mongolia-Siberian belt at Tal Chappar wildlife sanctuary
black bucks in Tal Chappar rajasthan
Grassland at Tal Chappar WLS

It’s a good idea to drive an SUV to Tal Chappar as one can get better views due to its high ground clearance. However, the ground surface is flat and poses no problem for even small cars and sedans.

After spending some good time observing Black bucks and migratory birds, it was time to head back.

Best time to visit Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary is October to February.

Accommodation and facilities at Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary are limited. There is a forest rest house  adjoining the sanctuary. When I last visited the sanctuary in 2015, a wildlife enthusiast ran the facilities. I can’t vouch for the current status.  I’m sure with limited number of visitors, it’s hard to maintain such facilities. Some of the known birding enthusiasts, who visit Tal Chappar regularly prefer to stay at hotels near Sujangarh Railway station. Do note that these are quite basic. If you are planning to visit Tal Chappar, do check before you visit.

Black Bucks fighting at tal chappar wildlife sanctuary
This picture was captured by a friend who is a wildlife enthusiast
Two lane highway between Salasar and Sujangarh, on way to Tal Chappar WLS



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79 thoughts on “Driving Trip/ Tal Chappar Black Buck wildlife Sanctuary

    1. There are plenty of wildlife sanctuaries here in India. Well said, right month makes all the difference. Most of these wildlife sanctuaries are closed during the monsoon months. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, here.


    1. I’m happy you liked it Savita.Indeed, it is not well known among the wild life sanctuaries in India but then it is quite small. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Savita 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on Jaipur Thru My Lens !! and commented:

    Tal Chappar is one of the lesser known Wildlife sanctuaries in India. Tal Chappar WLS is one of the few sanctuaries meant for protection of Black Bucks. It makes for a great getaway from Jaipur since it’s located merely 220 Km.

    I recommend it for wildlife enthusiasts and explorers since the facilities for tourists are missing. It can be done in a full day trip too.

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  2. Such a beautiful and serene place an a perfect wildklfe sanctuary. Your photos are wonderful and the tips about travel and accommodation will be so useful for anyone intending to drive out there. The horns on the black buck are amazing! Thanks for sharing your great trip out.

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    1. Happy to hear this Millie. Its true that people who love not so popular but calm and beautiful places​ will love visiting this Tal Chhapar sanctuary. Its not the usual touristy sanctuaries we have in India. Happy to hear that you loved the pictures and post on Tal Chappar WLS.


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