Thursday Doors/ Abandoned Haveli Door, Bikaner

While exploring the streets of Bikaner,India I ended up in an area dominated by the Maheshwari business community. Β I found this interesting door in the Haveli of Bikaner.

abandoned bikaner haveli door daga chowk

It is one of the biggest Havelis in the vicinity. The door leads to the storage are of the building. That’s the reason whyΒ metal mesh has been used in upper half of the door – to allow air to pass through.Β The Bikaner Haveli has surely seen better days as itΒ is not in use, anymore.

This post appears in response to the Thursday Doors prompt. Check out what other bloggers are posting.


15 thoughts on “Thursday Doors/ Abandoned Haveli Door, Bikaner

    1. That’s true…there are many….many Haveli’s in Bikaner. While some have gained prominence or turned into a hotel, others are still a dwelling units. Will make a detailed post on it soon. Thanks for the visit and sharing your views. πŸ™‚


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