We all have different connotations of wanderlust.

For me, wanderlust translates into a road trip, which I find is the most enriching travel experience.

Wanderlust! Traveling the roads less traveled!

It provides me an opportunity to make the last-minute changes and also to take a detour to the lesser traveled places.

What is Wanderlustย for you?

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30 thoughts on “Wanderlust?

  1. One day while inquiring for a camp in Gir forest, i asked the organizer, ‘what are we gonna do there?’ He answered, ‘We aren’t suppose to do anything. Nature will do it and we will observe,’

    Letting the world around me unfold is how I satiate my wanderlust.

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  2. Brillaint pic! The road looks inviting, if a little hot. But I suppose in this weather one must brave the elements for travelling. For me, wanderlust means finding an unknown or unusual place where you can find peace. It could even be a hidden thicket in your backyard.

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    1. This picture Was clicked in winter, earlier this year. Wanderlust is all about exploring. So any place is good as long as you are happy and gay. Thanks for sharing your point of view Pradita โ˜บ

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  3. It is a feeling constantly inside of me. It is working inside me in every minute , every second. Makes me think all day about cities I have never been, makes me book flight tickets and explore a new country. A feeling what makes me corious about the world. About something new. And it never stops, never!

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  4. For me wanderlust is all about commitment. Committing to the exploration, to the unknown. It might be exciting, dangerous, beautiful or all those things we cannot desribe by words but are impossible to see without certain commitment. Is it life all about it?


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