How To Plan Valley Of Flowers Trek /12 Point Guide

In continuation of my previous blog on Valley of Flowers5 Important things to consider before undertaking Valley of Flowers Trek sometime back (read it here) I thought of answering another set of questions for wannabe visitors and trekkers to Valley of Flowers as well as Hemkund Sahib. In comparison, this post addresses a different set of questions. This is not a Valley of Flowers review or travelogue. Rather it’s a guide based on my experience of Valley of Flowers trip. Here I go.

1. Best Time to visit Valley of Flowers Trek :

No one can say for sure, which is the best month as the blooming of flowers depends on the weather conditions even though Valley of flowers opens in June every year for visitors. Also, there is a certain time frame when each species of flower blooms. You may find certain flower species in July, which might not be present in the valley during August. Ideally July and August is the best time to visit Valley of Flower, going by how monsoon normally behaves & number of people visiting VOF. A large number of visitors prefer Valley Of Flowers trip in August.

Bloom inside valley of flowers. Valley of Flowers Trek is a  lifetime experience.

2. Going solo or using Trek operator for Valley of Flowers Trek

People get perplexed whether to plan and visit on their own or to use services of a trek operator. It’s not an easy answer, however let me try to offer you some breather. Whether you should use trek operator or not  depends on your mindset, largely. If you are comfortable in planning and organizing things on your own, it’s not tough since this trek can be termed as “tea-house” trek. Tea house treks are popular in Nepal where lodges and food is easily available through out the trail; its a well marked trail. With tons of information available on internet, you can hunt for every information related to the trek. On the other hand, if you don’t want to get into hassles or don’t have time and resources to search around, trekking agencies make it all easy.  They take care of everything. If you’re wondering whether it’ll be cheaper to plan and organize on your own? Using similar level of services will not save you any significant amount of  money, if you are traveling alone. At the most, it’ll be marginal. However, with a group, you can save quite a bit in sum total. It’s a call between ease vs fun to do on your own! Take your pick. Till few years ago, Valley of Flowers was a very trek popular among solo travelers. Now there are many agencies offering Valley of Flowers Trek at low cost. However, many of these operators don’t have a long and reliable track record.


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Helicopter taking off from Gobindghat to Ghangharia. It’s quite popular among the pilgrims heading to Hemkund Sahib. Valley of Flowers & Hemkund Trek

3. How to reach Valley of Flowers – Trek/ Pony/ Helicopter?

As compared to many other treks, Valley Of Flowers do offer you options between trekking, hiring a pony or using a helicopter for covering the 13 Km trail which runs between Govindghat to Ghangharia. However, from Ghangharia to Valley of Flowers you need to trek only -no other option! For hard core trek and fitness buffs, trekking is the biggest draw. For someone who has never ridden a pony before, uphill ride will be slight discomfort. Downhill ride offers even more discomfort! Helicopter ride on the other hand is comfortable, short and sweet. On flip side, It’s  pricey and it’s operation is dependent on weather. If the weather is bad, the helicopter service is not operational. My piece of advice would be to plan and prepare physically for the 13 km trek. It’s always easier when you plan for the eventuality!

Update: Post 2013 Uttarakhand disaster trek route has changed remarkably. Now shared Jeeps are available till Pulna village, therefore actual trek route is only 9 Km from Pulna to Ghangharia instead of 13 km.

Tents in Ghangharia set up by various operators. Valley of Flowers and Hemkund trek

4. Accommodation- Hotels & Lodges in Ghangaria

Accommodation in Ghangaria is tricky. Hotels & lodges in Ghangaria for Valley of Flowers offer claustrophobic rooms. There are Swiss tent camps too,  but you need to book ahead unless you want to test your luck!! These camps are located near Ghangharia helipad which is a kilometer prior to the main settlement of Ghangaria. In many ways, these camps are better than staying in Ghangaria as the view is great; the food quality is consistent too. They will be expensive though and you should book them with all meals included as food is not available in the vicinity. Ghangharia market is located around a kilometer ahead through tricky and slippery ascend- not a good idea for making round trip for munching!! The safest accomodation in Ghangharia is at GMVN, Ghangharia runby Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam; getting a confirmed booking is an issue though. It is located in the market itself and the rooms are spacious. You can sit in the open area and enjoy great weather! Although I have not used either but these were popular names of hotels/lodges in Ghangharia when I last visited – Hotel Nanda Lokpal and Hotel Kuber.

View of GMVN Ghangharia hotel, overlooking rooms. Probably one of better accommodation option in Ghangharia. Enjoy the views and weather!

Quality and choice of hotels in Govindghat is better than hotels in Ghangharia. Some people prefer to stay at Auli/ Joshimath instead of Govindghat as it affords better facilities or choices. The downside is that you either need to get up early and cover half an hour drive to Govindghat on a trek day or start your trek late. Which is better? I will prefer to stay at Govindghat and cut on drive time in morning; saves lot of hassle!

Path that meanders from Ghangharia to Valley of Flowers


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5. Best time to leave for Valley of Flowers from Ghangaria

Valley Of Flowers distance from Ghangharia is 4-5 km kilometres. Ideally one should be able to reach the valley in an hour. However, in reality people tend to walk slowly exploring & photographing around. It’s best to leave for VOF asap in morning preferably around 6-6.30. You need to obtain entry ticket for VOF near entry gate of the park; its valid for multi day entry- 3 days to be precise. Some people claim that all entries to the park are tracked on return to ensure safety of the visitors. I cannot vouch for it’s authenticity, though.

Beautiful flower on way to Valley of Flowers from Ghangharia

6. Food inside the Valley of Flowers

There are no canteens/dhabas or any kind of food facility inside Valley of Flowers. You need to carry edible items with you. Get your lunch packed & carry with you or rely on pre-packed/packaged/ ready to eat stuff. Plan ahead and place order previous evening to save time next morning. Please don’t litter the pristine surroundings of valley by leaving or trashing left overs, wrappers, bottles and plastic. Bhyunder valley NGO – EDC is working hard in these trails to keep it clean. Let’s make their job easier  without littering and carrying all trash back to Ghangharia  or Govindghat for responsible disposal.

NGO worker of EDC Bhyudar cleaning the Hemkund Sahib trail even during the rains. Do remember to carry the litter back with you to Gobindghat on Valley of Flowers trek

7. Should you hire guide for Valley Of Flowers?

It’ll be great if you can hire an expert guide from Ghangaria to show you around the valley -flora and life. It’ll enrich your experience. Without guide, you can only appreciate what you see. With guide you can interact and enrich your experience. If you find the fee charged by guide  stiff, you can try and pool in more people to spread the cost.  Ask around in your (and nearby) hotels. Every visitor in Ghangharia is for a reason, visiting either Valley Of Flowers or Hemkund Sahib.

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8. Backpack/ Rucksack for Valley of Flowers?

If you have never carried a 50-60 liter backpack weighting 7-8 kg ever, walking 13 Km uphill might be tough for you. We did a mistake of using a regular laptop bag and stuffing it to the brim on our first trek. In spite of being fit & trained for the trek, it was tiring. Realizing the mistake, I bought a hiking rucksack. These backpack/rucksack  are designed in a way that it doesn’t put pressure on your shoulders entirely rather it distributes the load evenly on your body. It made all the difference during my next trek. I will suggest first time trekker to carry a 10-20 liter day pack ,instead. Simply carry  the essentials with you in this day pack. The whole point of trekking is enjoying your trek & beautiful environs, let’s keep the focus on it. Hire a mule or porter to carry your luggage or rucksack if you’re trekking first time.

9. Backpack or regular duffle bags for VOF?

If you don’t intend to carry ruck sack and are not sure if you’ll  need it in future, you need not fret! Use duffle bag instead & hire a porter or mule to carry the same  from Gobindghat to Ghangharia. Do ensure that a rain cover protects your baggage. It’s best to avoid carrying suitcases for this trip. Duffle bags are best suited for ferrying via porter or mule.  Another safeguard would be to pack your belongings into plastic cover  before parking it inside the duffle bag. Double protection!

View of Gurudwara at Hemkund Sahib along with Lokpal and Laxman temple on left

10. Hemkund Sahib… Is it good to visit along with the Valley of Flowers?

A large number of trekkers also visit Hemkund Sahib along with Valley of Flowers on the  following day. This seems to have become standard itinerary with both travelers and trek operators. Lot of people are in fix whether it is worth going to Hemkund Sahib. It’s a difficult question to answer. Let’s be clear, Hemkund Sahib is actually a pilgrim site for Sikhs. For a trekker it’s a bonus. The trek from Ghangharia to Hemkund Sahib is 4 Km long and it’s a steep one! On a clear day you can enjoy great views of surrounding peaks and mountains. The views are amazing.  During monsoon season however, you are likely to encounter overcast sky and possibly rain! You also get chance to witness rare Brahamkamal flower, which blooms at height of around 4000 meters. You won’t be able to see this rare flower in Valley of Flower!! would you like to miss this?

If all this doesn’t sound attractive, you can consider  visiting Valley of Flower again or choose to descend to Govindghat. The idea is to enjoy your journey and not merely tick off the places on a list.

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11. Is it best time to visit Badrinath Temple?

Like Hemkund Sahib, Badrinath is usually bundled with Valley Of Flower trip by many operators. If you’re traveling with operator, this question is irrelevant for you. If it’s not the case with you, you need to weight your interest level and time available. The 13 Km descend from Ghangharia to Govindghat can be completed in around 4-5 hours by a fit person. If you start early you can visit Badrinath shrine for darshan and head back to Joshimath for the night stay. The route from Govindghat to Badrinath has few landslide zones and it’s better to cover as much distance as you can in a day during the rainy season. I found Badrinath temple quite charming. It’s colorful and during monsoon season it takes no time to have darshan since char dham yatra has few takers. Peak season for the Badrinath temple is during May-June during the yatra season.

12. Is Trekking pole required on the Valley of Flower Trek?

Like all other treks, trekking pole makes descend easier. You’re more likely to see the pilgrims carrying wooden sticks on this trail. These are available easily in Govindghat market. These are locally made with no standardization. In comparison, Hiking pole affords you better conveniences – height can be adjusted, loop to secure the pole, easier to store as it’s length can be collapsed. While local wooden sticks cost Rs 30 or so hiking poles costs upwards Rs 500 and you need to source them prior as these are not available locally. If you don’t intend to trek in future, it’s best to use local wooden sticks. In case you are trekking with a operator you can rent hiking poles through them.Most trek operators offer rental facility of hiking equipment. Currently, Rs 50/day is all you have to pay to hire hiking pole.

Pilgrims on way to Hemkund Sahib near Ghangharia trekking with local wooden sticks. Valley of Flowers & Hemkund Trek


Bonus Queries related to Valley Of Flowers Trek

(updated August 2018)

Over the last few years, I have been getting queries which were not explicitly covered in this write-up. I have decided to share these with all of you.

  • Best Valley Of Flower Trek operator? It will be misleading to mention any specific name because there are conflicting reports. Each agency has happy and unhappy customers based on experience and expectations of a traveler. Please don’t fall for reviews and pictures of customers posted on the operator’s website or social media channels. Many times these are false and misleading. A lot of wannabe visitors get attracted by pictures posted by agencies on Instagram or Facebook. Even if you like a specific agency stick to the old-fashioned method of calling up other agencies and collect information. Ask them why you should choose their agency? Collect feedback from other travelers. Cost is just one part, check their reliability and preparedness in emergency situations. Are their guides trained? I’m sure you will have enough information to make a “informed judegement”. Let me warn you about a worrying trend. A lot of individuals have started organizing treks because they quit their job, started traveling and found this appealing opportunity to fund their travel and make money. Instagram is  preferred mode of advertising their services. Please note that such individuals don’t have requisite experience and resources to manage any kind of unwanted situation. I always feel that it is wiser to go with agencies who have experience and resources to ensure that your trip is fruitful and safe.
  • How to reach Valley of flowers from Delhi? Connectivity from Delhi is very good for VOF and Hemkund Sahib. You can reach Haridwar by train or bus. some people prefer driving or riding which is their personal choice. From Haridwar you can opt for public or private buses or even shared cab if you are on budget. or those who like to travel in comfort, it is best to hire an Innova for the entire trip. Even though tempo traveler is also available but it slow but can be available at cheap rates because it is off-season for char dham yatra. With easy availability of self drive cars on rental like ZoomCar, I don’t recommend this option as one needs to be well conversant with hill driving and navigating through landslide area. Driving and trekking in a single trip can be taxing on your body unless you are used to undertaking such trips.
  • Is Valley Of Flowers a good beginners trek? Each trek has its own elements which are unique. It will be unfair to compare two different treks. For example Pindari Glacier trek, Har Ki Dun trek, and Nag Tibba trek offer different type of terrains. All these are good trek for a beginner. The best way is to read about each trek, watch videos and then choose the one which interest you. I do feel that Valley Of Flower trek has all the elements which make for a great beginners trek
  • What is Valley Of Flowers height? Valley of flowers is at an altitude of 3450 meters whereas Ghangharia is at 3650 meters. Hemkund Sahib on the other hand is at 4329 meters.
  • Valley Of Flowers weather and tempratureIt won’t be very cold in Valley Of Flowers and Ghangharia. All you need is light woolen clothes. The temprature will be in the range of 10-22 C.
  • Best Itinerary for Valley Of Flowers Trek This is a standard itinerary you will find on internet. To be honest, I think it is pretty good and has been tested time and again. Let me share this Vaelly Of Flowers itinerary with you. It starts with Haridwar or Rishikesh for logistical reasons.

Day 1 – Haridwar/Rishikesh to Govind Ghat/Joshimath. 10-12 Hours.

Day 2 – Joshimath/ Govindghat to Ghangharia – Joshimath to Govindghat 18 km by bus/ shared jeep/hired car. Govindghat to Pulna by shared jeep or trek. Pulna to Ghangharia by trekking 4-7 hours depending on fitness level.

Day 3 – Ghangharia to Valley of Flowers – Back to Ghangharia.

Day 4 – Ghangharia to Hemkund Sahib – Back to Ghangharia.

Day 5 – Ghangharia to Govindghat/ Joshimath – Trekking 4-6 hours & then van/shared jeep/ bus to Joshimath

Day 6 – Govindghat to Badrinath or Govindghat/ Joshimath to Haridwar/Rishikesh

Day 7 – Badrinath to Rishikesh/ Haridwar (if opting to visit Badrinath)

The best itinerary is the one which suits you the best so feel free to make changes based on your requirements. Based on my requirement, I chose to trek from Ghangharia-Hemkund-Ghangharia-Govindghat on the same day. It was a 14 hours trek!

Before you embark for Valley of Flower trek, here is a piece of information that might come in handy. Ghangharia has electricity but no mobile network.  There were some fellow travelers who managed to get signal of Idea soon after the valley of flowers entry gate. There are satellite phone booths in Ghangharia from where you can make a call. Mobile network is available all through the route from Haridwar till Govindghat with good network from BSNL/ Airtel and Idea.

Valley of Flower has become immensely popular in recent years, thanks to the internet and social media. It’s one of the most sought after treks in India, even though it’s not a technical trek. Do visit Valley of Flowers once in your lifetime.

If you have questions, please free to write in the comment box along with your email so I can help you with it.

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Bloom of flowers inside Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

94 thoughts on “How To Plan Valley Of Flowers Trek /12 Point Guide

  1. We made the arduous trek to Hemkunt Sahib in 1995, even went to Badrinath, which was much easier as there is a motor able road but didn’t visit the Valley Of Flowers due to the trip being soooo long and tiring. Also the religious-minded friend who was with us didn’t seem enthusiastic about the Valley Of Flowers. Driving from Delhi to Badrinath, with one night halt halfway was quite taxing for the nerves, with the narrow road starting from Joshimath but the enthusiasm keeps you going yet it ends after the first trek from Gobind ghat to Gobind dham! The hotels were not good and failed to provide even the basic comfort. So visiting all the places together is not advisable.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I trust back then there used to be gate system allowing only one way traffic in some sections. I’m sure it would have been taxing journey. during my last visit things have changed dramatically; but some things are still the same. It’s actually surprising how old and elderly pilgrims coming from interior of Punjab make it all the way to hemkund sahib without footwear or equipments. it’s a eye opener that faith makes it all possible. yes the lodges are basic even today. It’s being said that ghangharia is buried under snow for many months making it a difficult place to offer better facilities. Of late there has been spike in interest in VOF and many trek agencies have sprung up. Thanks for reading and offering your views. appreciate it truly! 🙂

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  3. Loved this list! My plan was to do the VOF trek this weekend but had was warned by family and friends to postpone it due to the rains and roads this year again. I really do hope to do it soon. Any suggestions which week would be best now?

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    1. I’m happy that you liked the post. This post was created to help fellow travelers since I too faced these dilemmas. I think you should read part 1 of this post, which I feel you haven’t. Here is a link.

      Don’t postpone your trip. Rains and landslides are part and parcel of this trip. Unless something major happens which blocks the road for days, you should just go ahead. Landslides are cleared in no time, since every time it rains for few hours, landslides take place. There’s no escape. I also cancelled my trip for 2 consecutive years at last moment due to rains and landslides. Third time, I decided to go…in all eventuality. And I did complete it despite all small landslides. So my suggestion..Go ahead! Do remember when you travel on these roads preferably cover as much as you can in a day. All the best

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      1. Hi,
        I am planning to visit valley of flowers this August. I wanted to know what are the timings and options of transport we have from Ghangharia to Dehradun/Rishikesh. How early would we have to leave Ghangharia early in the morning to catch a bus from Joshimath to Dehradun?

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      2. Neelaksh, I cannot confirm for sure but I suppose there will be a bus from Badrinath early morning headed to Rishikesh. You catch the same from Govindghat. Ghangharia to Rishikesh in one day is a tough thing, It will take minimum 3 hours to decend. Govindghat to Joshimath by jeep will be 30 minutes. Most buses from Joshimath to Rishikesh leave around 5 or 6 AM.


  4. I am visiting valley of flowers in second week of September. I want to know about the number of days one should spend for visiting VOF. Earlier i had considered one day for VOF and one day for Hemkund sahib, but confused now. You suggestion would be helpful.

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    1. Hi Adarsh. Generally one day for VOF is sufficient. It works for most people. unless you are into flowers or weather is not favorable on the day you visit or you love spending time in that sort of environ second day is not needed.
      If your plan don’t require prior reservations for your return journey you can take this call on the spot. Else you can sacrifice Hemkund visit in favor of VOF. A third option would be to provision for 3 days into your plan. In case you feel you don’t need to visit VOF second day, you can utilize your day in Badrinath or Auli as another option.


    1. Do try to visit next year. it’s not a difficult trek anyways! I’m happy you liked the post and found it useful. if you feel this post helped you pls share it with your followers. The post has been made to cut through lots of confusion that usually flows in during VOF trek planning! Thank You Ashu 🙂


  5. This is very informative! Thanks a ton for such a detailed blog. I am planning to visit VOF this year (2017) and this post came as a blessing in disguise. I hail from Uttarakhand and not having seen this beautiful place in my own state makes me feel miserable.

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    1. Hi Shilpi. I was inspired to create this post because I faced some difficulties in planning my VOF trip. I had planned this trip thrice before actually making it through. Please do visit this beautiful place. You intend to visit on your own or through some operator? Happy to know that you found this post, useful. 🙂


    1. Thanks. I had planned for vof quite a few times but it just didn’t materialise. But after waiting for five years, I finally did this trail. It was a self planned trip. I’m hoping you get to visit vof soon. ☺

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  6. Thanks for such a valuable info for this Godly place.
    I am planning for solo trek tho this place in around mid july. can you please tell what are the Must have items in your backpack ?Do we have option for camping anywhere on our way to VOF?

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  7. Hi,
    I am planning to go to VOF this june end. Earlier, i was hoping to go with indiahikes or some other tour operator, but couldn’t find any booking for june. Now planning to go with a friend or alone. Is june end right time to go and what things should i keep in mind for going solo?


  8. Anyone planning a VOF trip this july on their own plz contact…I want to do this trip without any tour operator so looking for travel companions..for me it will be a budgeted trip so I will prefer trekking rather than ponies or helicopter…kindly send an email to if interested

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  9. Hello Arvind. This article about VOF trek is really inoformative. I am planning for VOF this season but i was really cautious cause i am preparing for a solo trip. But your articles have now encouraged me to go solo. Can you please help me out on the detailed itenary of VOF trek & the essentials required for this trek. And need some information about accomodation in govindghat & ghangaria. Thank you in advance..

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    1. Hi Shuvam, Happy to know you liked this write up and found it useful. VOF trek has all available resources required for a solo trip – food, transport and accommodation. I have not mentioned any itinerary because solo traveling liberates you from following a schedule and you can modify it to suit the requirements. Still if you need I can help you with it. Please mention your email id, will share it with you.
      Hope this will help.


      1. Yes..Your words are very true about solo travelling..Thnks for the email id is ‘’..waiting for your response..


      2. Hey arvind. Very informative blog.
        Want to go VOF in this july with my wife. Can u help me out by suggesting hotels/stays !!!
        Waiting for ur reply.
        Thanks in advance

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  10. Hi arv

    Ur posts are very informative so doing great job for people like me. Myself and wife are planning trek of VOF in mid July. Kindly help me in my below queries.
    Is this period is right for trek? Is accommodation is easily available in gangharia ? Should I stay at govindghat or Joshi math? We are planning it alone , is it safe? What are necessary requirements for this trek? Thanks in advance

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    1. Hi. Happy to know that you found these posts useful. In fact my intention for writing these posts is to help other travelers since many questions have not been answered on internet or those were very old write ups.
      July August is good time to visit vof. Options for accommodation is limited in Ghangharia. Govindghat is convenient whereas Joshimath has better facilities and connectivity. There’s no problem in visiting on your own since the route has high and constant movement. It’s safe don’t worry. All the above questions have already been answered above. Please re-read it as as part one of this post. Link given in the post itself.


    2. Hello sir,
      Myself dr azad singh. I want to know about ur experiences during ur vof trek. I am alao planning to go to vof.. plz guide me..
      Thanks in advance….


  11. Hi, glad to read your post…I am doing the trek this year July 24-29, with a trek operator. I am trekking for the first time…it would be nice if you could feed in any info that could help me prepare better

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  12. Hi Arv….enjoyed reading your VOF blog. It is truly a delight to read as it has explicit information regarding all the factors to keep in mind while planning for this trek. We are have planned our own Nandankanan trek this August. Everything has been scheduled and hotel bookings done. There is one small thing I would like to know from you- apart from the entry fee at the VOF entrance gate, is there any other entry permit required to be done for this trek?
    My sister’s friend had been there in the year 2015. He told her that he had to take some permits from Rishikesh. Is that correct? If yes, can permits be obtained on Sundays? We reach Haridwar on 6th August, 2017 and plan to move ahead to Rishikesh.
    If you can provide any information in this that would genuinely help us.
    Best of luck and keep posting such wonderful blogs.
    Thanks and warm regards.

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    1. Hi Payel. The VOF entry ticket is valid for three days and is not expensive. When I visited VOF there was no system of prior-registeration at Rishikesh/ Haridwar. However, the Govt has put in place system of bio-metric registration for the Char Dham Yatra. Please check if you need this registration if are visiting Badrinath. To the best of my knowledge, its not required. This registration is meant for mainly Kedarnath Yatra. But do check. To be sure, it’s best to contact your nearest GMVN office. Hope this helps.


  13. Hi very nicely written.
    I am planning to visit in mid august but not able to find any suitable accommodation in ghangria. GMVN is booked and rest hotels are too costly. Can you suggest anything or can we go ahead without booking and then find a stay in ghangria.
    Please suggest

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    1. Hi Vinnie! Hotels in Ghangharia are not well connected on internet. I tried booking GMVN before the trip but I couldn’t for many reasons. One of which is poor connectivity. The site and GMVN office said it’s fully booked. However, on reaching Ghangharia we were lucky to be able to find a room in GMVN. The hotels are basic. There are many hotels there or guest House – a better description. If not then Gurudwara will be available as a last resort. In my opinion, you’ll be able to find a room. A piece of advice, try to reach Ghangharia early. Those reaching late are always at a disadvantage. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further information.


  14. Hello! thanks for this write up. I’m planning this trip in Aug 17′. Can you suggest any operator/organized trekking with whom i shall book? There are many options on the net & it is confusing which one to choose from. Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again for the info.


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    1. Hi Geetesh, normally I refrain from suggesting any specific trek operators on this blog post. But let me make an exception. I think for this trek GIO adventure will be a good choice because they have their own accomodations both in Auli and Ghangharia ( tents). Certainly their own accommodations have better standards than lodges which other operators use. Although I have not used their services for this particular trek but many of my friends have. Another good philosophy they follow is restricting number of trekkers to 12 unlike others operators where numbers are in between 20-25. However Do your own research before you finalize. Hope this helps.


  15. Hi
    It is an amazing and very helpful blog. We are planning to visit this place in September 21 2017…. will it be fine during that time. Please inform me as soon as u can.

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  16. Hi Arvind, a very insightful write-up indeed. Me and my wife are traveling to VoF in the second week of August and most of our prep. is already done. Wish I had read this earlier. Anyhow, I think we have most of it covered so shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

    The only feedback I was seeking was if you have knowledge to suggest if the present weather conditions around the valley are good. Other than the weather aspect, I think the trip should be fun. I am excited.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    1. Ankit, Don’t worry much about weather. There’s nothing we can do about it. In all probabilities you will have a great experience. One piece of advice for you is to leave early for VOF from Ghangharia. Lot of travelers behave as if they are here on a holiday and then repent later because weather usually takes a turn around noon. In VOF that means clouds and rain! Are you going with some trek operator?


  17. hi, i am nirav shah ( 52 ) from ahmedabad. want to visit VOF in the 3rd week of october , 2017 with my 3 family members. I want any 2 or 3 days economy package with Jain veg. food facility. is there any, give me details. If any local guide is there and it is economy also then also i am interested .

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    1. Hi Nirav, I regret to inform you that I don’t organize valley of flower trek. October is too late for valley of flowers. So do reconsider your decision. The best months are July-August. As for rest of information, VOF trail has many economical accommodation with plenty of Vegetarian food choice. I don’t think preparing jain food for you will be a problem if you mention it in advance to the hotel management.


  18. Hello fellow trekkers,

    I am planning to do VoF during first or second week of September 2017. Finding all the information here pretty useful. Anyone going or planning around that time please connect, would be good.

    I am trying to keep maximum time for VoF so want to plan journey/accomodation to Ghangria to the letter. Finding it extremely hard for any cab driver who is ready to traverse at night.

    I am short of leaves from office so have Sat-Tues and I am starting from Dehradun. Any pointers are most welcome, and anyone going around same time let us connect offline.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Peeyush, It is great to know you are planning to visit this little heaven very soon. Just a piece of advise. It will be better if you can try and visit it at the end of august or first week of September. Many years ago the roads were closed by the authorities post 8 PM. which doesn’t happen now. But night travel on this route is best avoided since it is a land slide prone highway. I can understand your issues w.r.t. to holidays and office but safety comes first.


  19. Very well narrated blog with minute detailing! Cleared so many of my doubts! I m visiting vof this month end. Almost last minute plan. So I m not getting enough time to prepare myself physically, though I m working out hard in gym n take stairs to my eighth floor flat. I m 53 . I have stopped trekking since long. I m scared! One thing I want to ask u is abt temperature. How abt wearing jackets n sweaters while trekking?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi lata, happy to hear that you are going to this beautiful heaven. Don’t worry if you are mentally prepared, you’ll get through. Just one suggestion, start early so you have more time even if you slow down. I doubt sweater will be required cause it’s not that cold on way to Ghangharia. Jacket is OK, I doubt you will need it because body generates heat while trekking. You might have to remove it after a while. But do carry light one. Heavy jackets are not needed because temperatures don’t dip so much in day time. Hope this helps.


  20. Wonderful post again, Arv!

    I was wondering about the trek level. How difficult is this trek for an absolute beginner? I don’t have any serious trekking experience and I don’t want to hold back the group that I’ll be travelling with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Newbie Hiker!

      This was my first trek and I didn’t have any issues at all. One of the reasons is that I generally follow a fitness regime on a regular basis. If you are not doing any fitness activity, a month or two ( you still have 5-7 months) is enough to prep you for this trek.

      In my opinion, this is a cake walk compared to many other trek if you are fit and do not suffer from any serious health conditions. Assuming you don’t, breathe easy and prepare yourself. If you are wondering what preparations are required, I can suggest you based on few questions. Let me know.
      Hope you found this answer relevant. Feel free if you have any further query or questions.


  21. What a lovely introduction, I used to hike a lot when I was younger, but nowhere as exotic as this. I haven’t heard of the Vally of Flowers before, but it sounds and looks beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Looked for it and found this post today. Lovely pictures. I may go there some time but it isn’t one on top of my list as of now 🙂
    Whenever I do so, will come back and read this post once again for all the valuable tips 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shilpi, You can visit VOF in June. Do note that VOF is best visited during July-Aug when the monsoon has set in. At 3300-3600 meters, it can rain anytime. It has its own weather system. If you feel July-Aug is difficult for you, go ahead in June! Let me know if you need any further information, Shilpi. 🙂
      I’m sure you will love this rip.


    1. To provide you with a perspective there are people who have trekked to vof with kids. When I visited, I came across a guy who trekked with his son aged 7 or 8 years but had hired a porter to carry him. 4 years is not easy and it also depends on whether if he or she has been conditioned for trek. I have heard of kids of this age undertaking a trek in India but that’s not common. So generally I wouldn’t recommend unless the kids have been exposed and are fit for it. Do note there are no medical facilities on this trek in case of emergency. You can use helicopter to reduce trek part till Ghangharia.


  23. Hi Arv,
    Very nice and informative information.
    I am also planning for VOF in July 2018 from 21st to 28th solo. basically, for photography. I have planned 2 days for VOF and one day for Hemkundsaheb. While returning I am planning for Badrinath and Vasudhara falls in Mana. Just have few quries-
    1. can we get electricity for charging laptop and camera batteries in Ghangriya?
    2. Is it possible to come back from Hemkundsaheb to Ghangriya and Ghangriya to Govindghar on the same day? I am planning to save my morning time of next day to visit Badrinath and Vasundhara Falls in one day.
    3. July to Aug is Kawad Yatra time in Haridwar and Rishikesh. Haridwar Kawad Mela starts from 22nd July to 9th Aug 2018. I will reach Haridwar on 20th and same day Rishikesh on 20th July. Will it be difficult to get accommodation at Rishikesh? Should I book a hotel in advance? I was planning to get a room on the same day after reaching Rishikesh.


    1. Hi! Happy to know you have reserved two days for VOF since your is on photography. Do note that chances of rain are high post noon. Having two days at your disposal will allow you better leverage.
      Coming to your queries:
      1. When I visited Ghangharia, electricity was available via genset. So it is possible to charge your batteries. I assume that post-2013 mayhem, electricity lines would have been laid. I recommend taking extra charged batteries for just in case scenario.
      2. I have done Ghalngharia- Hemkund-Ghangharia-Govindghat in a single day. It is possible but you need to be swift. Doing this allows you to utilize your next day in a better manner, as mentioned by you.
      3. I doubt you will have any problem in getting accommodation in Rishikesh. If you are mentally prepared to adjust to any kind of accommodation, it should not be a problem at all. Since Kawar yatra is more of Haridwar phenomenon you should not have any problem. Rishikesh is a yoga capital and I think there are enough options spread between hotels, guest houses, hostels, and dorms. If you are picky about accommodation, booking in advance would be a good idea.

      Hope this answers your queries. Anything else, let me know. 🙂


  24. Hey Me and my friends have planned to go for VOF and Hemkund Sahib this year in june first week. Please let me know how should we proceed and Is June first week okay to go for these two places. My email id is Please write back to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Arv, this is such an informative post with all important points addressed. I would say lucky you as you made this amazing trip. I have been planning this trip for a decade but till date somehow could not make it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarmistha, this was my third attempt! Two fo my previous plans were thrashed by landslides and rains. I wanted to share my learnings because I found out that everyone had similar queries. Did you read part 1 of this post?
      Thanks for appreciating. I hope you get to visit this beautiful place. BTW, how did you stumble on this blog? I generally don’t promote it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the details. Sometimes I feel it’s like that distant Dreamland where we can take a plunge and forget about this artificial world that we live in. But then I realise that the reality is other way around.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. In this altitude it has its own weather system so it’s not completely dry. The bloom is of a different species and not the kind that we all look forward for but it is good for travel


  26. I am planning for VOF in the mid of July. Please suggest is it Okay to cover the distance from Delhi to Govind Ghat via Activa scooty. If yes, what are the challenges I could face on the way. Also suggest what are the things to carry for the trip?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sadish! To put things in perspective, a large number of Sikh devotees travel on two-wheelers especially commuter motorcycles all the way from Punjab to Govindghat. But most of them travel in a group. Are you used to riding the Activa on highways? especially Himalayan terrain? Have you considered the fact that there will be rain many times heavy downpour and you need to navigate through landslide zone? Although it is a highway, riding a scooter during the monsoon on a Himalayan landscape is a challenge unless you are pro and do it regularly. Long distance riding is certainly tiring. Do consider these points before you decide. Let me know if you need any other help or information.


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