WPC-Details/ Fatehpur Sikri

The post appears in response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge-Details. The challenge this week:

For this week’s challenge, try to look past the big picture and take a more intimate approach. Zoom in on details in unexpected places — it can be something from the natural world, or it can be human-made. We’re excited to see what you find with your lens.

Intricate carving work on walls of a palace at Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh, India. WPC-Details


The above picture was shot at  palace inside Fatehpur Sikri, near Agra, India, built by Mughal emperor Akbar more than 400 years ago. It’s a master piece. The entire palace is built using red sand stone with intricate carving work that is unmatched, till date! It shows the grandeur of Mughal empire during it’s high period.

Here’s a  more detailed picture of above segment of a wall.

Intricate carving in red sand stone. Fatehpur Sikri, near Agra, India. Weekly Photo Challenge – Details

Fatehpur Sikri today is just a small town located at the outskirts of world famous Agra – popular for Taj Mahal. It’s difficult to imagine that it was once a power center of India, capital of Mughal empire even though for a short while!

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