Ten Tips and Tricks to improve your Travel Photography with your Smartphone

Mobile or Smartphone photography is one of the most prominent trends that has caught on a massive scale in the last few years. Who wouldn’t like to have a camera on the move? Especially when one doesn’t have to carry any extra equipment during travel!


Smartphone  has resulted in a fall of DSLR camera sale as well as the death of budget compact camera segment. With better sensors & new technology which is capable of clicking pictures up to f/1.8, the mobile phone pictures are getting better, day by day.


With the power of a Smartphone camera, you can capture pictures, anytime.  If you want to improve your mobile photography skills and become a better mobile photographer, here are a few tips to help you capture better.

1. Clean Lens

There is every chance that your Smartphone camera lens is smudged with the fingerprint impressions. In such a state, you are unlikely to get a good capture. Ensure that you clean the lens with a microfiber; preferably use a glass cleaning solution like Colin or Mr Muscle, if available.

2. Use natural light

Using natural light will improve quality of your shots. Light is one of the most important elements in photography. Yellow or white light creates a different tint. Natural light or sunlight provides the most pleasing tone for pictures. Ensure that you don’t shoot with the Sunlight facing your Smartphone

3. Don’t use Zoom

As a golden rule, don’t use zoom option. Smartphones are not equipped with an optical zoom, therefore they rely on a digital zoom, which merely expands the current picture rather zooming in, physically. Using a digital zoom is a sure way of reducing picture quality.

4. Say No to flash

It’s best not use flash, at all. Flash results in unwanted tints or reflections.

5. Use Tap for focus

Ensure that you activate “tap for focus” option and not Tap for capture in camera setting.  Your Smartphone camera has the ability to adjust the focus & exposure on basis of the light available around your subject. Tap on the subject before capturing the picture. Allowing tap function for focusing will make sure that  you get crisp pictures, every time.

This picture was captured without focusing.
Properly focused shot.

6. Perspective

Don’t just click from where you are! Move around and explore new perspective and angles. You’ll be surprised that every angle provides a different viewpoint and conveys a different meaning.

7. Hold Steady

Make sure, you hold the camera steady till the camera saves the picture. This is all the more important in a low light condition. A blurred picture is a result of not holding the Smartphone steady for the requisite time.

8. De-clutter for the focus on the subject

Always make sure that the surroundings of the subject are devoid of the clutter and that there are no visual distractions around.

9. Click more?

Don’t feel shy to click multiple pictures till you get it right. Although in a longer run, the habit of mindless shooting of pictures is not good for developing your photography skills, there is no harm to do so initially. Once you learn and adapt, try to get a perfect shot during the first attempt itself.



You can compare both images and check for the differences. It’s all a matter of which area of the scene you tap, the camera adjusts the exposure values, accordingly.

10. Find your muse

Having an inspiration for photography will allow you to sharpen your skill. Whether you love minimalism theme, nature, portrait or food, go for it and capture as much as you want. Finding your muse will surely help you to grow your photography skills.

I will share more on Mobile Photography very soon.


26 thoughts on “Ten Tips and Tricks to improve your Travel Photography with your Smartphone

  1. Arv! Very good tips anyone can use for not only smartphone phone cameras but all digital photography. I tend to do a lot of mindless shooting or so it seems. I move around to get the best view for fear I’m not going to get it right and in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “Go ahead snap those pictures. It’s not like film cameras of the past, I can send what I don’t want to the trash bin.” But, the reality is it takes time, to sort through several similar photos and then to decide which I like best. That’s not an efficient use of time. A pitfall I’m trying to keep out of more and more as times goes on. Framing your subject is a great reminder for anyone and you’re so right about exploring various angles to capture the best one that suits the elements in your photograph. Although, I do not use the zoom feature on my Smartphone I’m glad to see that you mentioned how digital zoom degrades the image quality. Someone who isn’t into photography may not understand this, so bravo! The new iPhone7s has two optical lens which sounds awesome. Now, if Apple can figure out how to do that in a smaller size phone and I’d be ready to buy one. 🙂 Have a good day, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kathy! Thank you for liking & appreciating this write up. This write up came in my mind because people often trust me for taking their pictures with smartphones. To ensure good pictures, I usually follow all these points. I’m sure everyone can be a good “clicker”.
      As for iPhone, well, I’m not a great proponent of iPhone for many reasons. And iPhone is certainly not the first one to come out with dual lens smartphone. HTC and LG launched it long back, Huawei is doing an amazing job with their P9 having Leica lens!! It’s not terribly expensive either. I have seen their Honor 8 working it’s magic too with dual lens. Also, they are selling Mate series phones in US, also doing very well. Although Huawei may not sound exciting but their phones are good value. Are you residing in US?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy you found them useful, Parul. I feel with just small tweaks one can get some amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well as sharing with your circle. 🙂


    1. Owning a good car doesn’t make someone a good driver similarly having an​ expensive phone with better camera does require some skills to click good pictures


    1. Thanks Debjani. I think a lot more travelers and explorers are relying on smartphone to take pictures. What about you? Do you also use your smartphone for travel photography?


      1. Yes I am one of them too ..As lugging a DSLR seems really a pain nowadays ..and all the more when u want to capture every little moments u witness ..that’s when u feel the neccessity of a handy gadget like smart phone or shall I say “the little wonder”.

        Liked by 1 person

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