Why Goa beaches are popular among tourists in India?

Do you know which are the most popular & best tourist places in India? While the ranks on the list keep changing, there is no doubt that Goa is a popular tourist destination in India, not only among the foreign tourist but also with Indians.

beautiful sunset at varca south goa beach india
Beaches that shine!!  Goa is popular for it’s  beautiful beaches. A  beautiful sunset picture captured at Ramada Caravela beach resort, Varca beach in South Goa, India. Captured with a phone

From the year 2000 to 2015, the domestic tourist arrival in Goa  jumped by six times! The number of foreign tourists arriving in Goa has seen many changes, including the ethnicity and country of arrival over the last few years. Before the year 2008, tourists from the UK  formed the largest percentage of the foreign tourists in Goa. However, in last few years steady rise of Russian charter pushed the Russian tourists to the second spot. Recently, sanctions over Russia by the NATO over Ukraine issue made their currency conversions to the  Dollar expensive; the number of Russian charter arrivals dropped. Despite this British and  Russians continue to dominate the foreign tourist arrivals in Goa. Ukraine, France & Scandinavia follows next.

view from taj vivanta at fort aguada goa tourism india
Sinquerim beach near Taj Vivanta resort near Fort Aguada in Goa, India

What makes Goa and it’s beaches so popular?

For foreigners, it’s all about shining sun, clear sky &  warm weather, good beaches, friendly locals and cheap accommodation & food. Goa fits well. With a long Portuguese  rule lasting close to 450 years till 1961, Goa was primarily  a catholic state and it’s culture was conducive for the foreign tourists with easy acceptance of alcohol and partying.

inside view of one of the popular bars in north goa baga beach india
This picture captures the shining glasses at a popular Bar in North Goa – Baga Beach area. Shot with a phone

In 1960’s & 1970’s  hippie culture landed in Goa at Anjuna beach. Goa became a popular place for the hippies across the world.  Life in Goa  was always dominated by the “siesta” and “sussegado”, both are a Portuguese legacy. With the  arrival of charters, Goa quickly built a good infrastructure of low price hotels.

tourist on ozaran beach goa India
Goa has some of the amazing beaches which draws the tourists from other countries. Ozran, Vagartor Beach, Goa. India

Availability of great sea food at cheap prices helped. You can walk into any popular supermarket in Goa and find aisles stocked with items imported from Russia, UK and USA catering to the long staying foreign charter tourists. This is unique to Goa only! You won’t find such variety of imported goods at any supermarket elsewhere in India.

Zuri White sands beach resort Goa India
Foreign tourists enjoying the sunny beaches at Zuri White Sands Resort in South Goa, India

At the same time, locals are not happy with the Russian charters tourists due to language problem & their low spending power. Compared to the charter tourists from UK who are warm, Russians are different. Anyways, Goa still is popular among foreign tourists for all that it offers.

water sports near taj vivanta fort aguada goa sinquerim beach
Water sports at Sinquerim beach, Goa. Captured from Taj Vivanta, Fort Aguada, Goa

Among Indians, Goa  translates to “freedom”!! Goa has acquired a big reputation as the ultimate party destination in India with many clubs and cheap & easy availability of liquor. Unlike other places in India, Goa has a different culture. Locals don’t mind the omnipresent party culture in a stark contrast to the rest of India where alcohol and partying is a taboo.

picture of beer on goa beach india
Goa, drinks, beach and friends! A  combination that always shines!!

For youths, a trip with friends to Goa is an ultimate dream. Water sports in Goa is cheap and easily available across North Goa beaches. It’s also a big attraction among tourist. Goa also attracts Indians interested in gambling. Although gambling is prohibited in India, Goa is an exception. Offshore gambling  casinos like Deltin Royale, Casino Pride,  Deltin Jaqk previously called Casino Royale, Casino Pride 2 etc are very popular.  Macau and Las Vegas are two most popular International gambling destinations for Indians. Goa on the other hand is a short gambling getaway; popular as a weekend gambling destination, quite like a pit stop! In sum, for Indians Goa is synonymous of a popular sentence in Gujrati  – Majaa Ni life meaning life full of fun!!

view of south goa beach india
Goa is fun! Sun always shine on Goa beaches. South Goa, India

Irrespective of nationality, Goa stands for fun and yes, Sun always Shine”  on the beach!

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goa tourism zuri white sands resort goa
Sun shines on the Varca beach in South Goa. Captured at Zuri White Sands Resort, Varca beach, Goa, India



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