Why My Kashmir Experience Was Far From A Paradise On Earth?

Kashmir…. The word synonymous with paradise on Earth. If not earth, India – at least! In heydays of 1960 to 1990’s Kashmir was a popular tourist destination among the domestic and International tourists alike. A darling of Bollywood. It’s difficult to list the number of Bollywood movies shot in Kashmir till date. You can spot the Kashmir connection in all popular Bollywood movies shot between 1960’s to 1980’s.

pictures source:google

Early 1990’s brought militancy in Kashmir along with the exodus & killing of Kashmiri Pandits. Tourism in Kashmir became dead. It was only in 2005 that tourist numbers of 1980’s were restored. From then on the number of tourists visiting Kashmir went up year on year.

I visited Kashmir in 2013 even thoit was was never on my list at the behest of family & friends. I have experienced similar landscape elsewhere in the Himalayas. It is another thing that these are not easily accessible to people unlss someone is willing to hike. I never yearned for Kashmir because of this reason. The problems associated with planning for a Kashmir trip had different variables altogether as compared to  other places inthe Himalayas. Some one might argue that Kashmir is much more than picture perfect postcard views. Yes, I agree but being a person who loves nature more than anything, other aspects takes a back seat. Kashmir is synonymous with the stunning vistas and the tag of “Paradise on Earth”.

Tulip bloom at Srinagar, Kashmir. Indra Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

Even though militancy situation improved drastically over the years, trouble keeps springing every now and then. Just before my visit to Kashmir, there was a major attack on an army camp on Jammu-Srinagar highway and on Bemina CRPF camp in Srinagar. Afzal Guru hanging compounded problems in Kashmir valley with the curfew in many towns. Militants were primarily targeting army and CRPF,  but one can still land up in an adverse situation. The militants changed their stance over the years because targeting tourists adversely affected the support from Kashmiri people whose lives are dependent on tourists. Getting caught in a stone pelting by the locals is a serious problem than a curfew. These uncertainties are part of Kashmir trip which are beyond anyone’s control. With presence of paramilitary forces in Kashmir, you can be scared or relieved depending on how you view situation. We deliberately avoided our travel with any military movements, looking at increasing number of militant attacks on forces.

Presence of army can be taken in either way! Gulmarg Kashmir

Fleecing of tourist is rampant across popular tourist circuits in Kashmir with Sonmarg topping the list followed by Gulmarg. I came across “thug” pony owners in Pahalgam, who agreed to take me to Baisaran (popular tourist places in Pahalgam, Kashmir)  but decided to make extra money by cutting it short in between. He pointed out some obscure point on way as Baisaran as he wanted to return midway to cut his trip time and ferry another tourist. It was only when I accused him of cheating with tourists along with the support of other pony owners, he gave in. I told him upfront that I have seen many pictures of Baisaran and this wan’t one.I had to pressurize fellow pony owners to correct him as he was bringing a bad name to his state & such instances will scare the tourists.

So called “Baisaran” as per the pony owner. Just a vague point on way to Baisaran. Pahalgam, Kashmir. Kashmir scams
Baisaran in Pahalgam, as the world knows!

Another trick or tourist scam in Kashmir is that guides and pony owners will promise you to show 3/5/7 points. In reality, there is only one or two places worth visiting rest all points or places are “created” to add value to the deal. They are spoofs. We were promised ‘Kashmir point’ which was nothing but some obscure mountain without any name! It was probably creation of the tourist guides and touts of Pahalgam!

“Kashmir point”….another addition to create value to the deal and fleece money from tourists. Pahalgam, Kashmir!

Similarly, tourists gets  fleeced with gum boot and jacket rentals in Gulmarg and Sonmarg. Taxi drivers & operators stop much before Gulmarg and create “situations” for tourist to hire boots and jackets even though one might not need them altogether!

Skiing at Apharwat peak, Gulmarg, Kashmir @level 1 of Gulmarg Gondola.

The tourist is unable to assess the situation as he is yet to reach Gulmarg, he buys the story and gets fleeced. Similarly, at Gondola level 2 of Afarwat peak in Gulmarg, skier guides trap the gullible tourists by selling a story that they will take them little further on the ski and show them points and views which otherwise they cannot on their own. They are majorly selling view of LOC- India Pakistan border.  Guides take gullible tourist 100 meters ahead and point out a place passing it off as LOC point. While selling their services they talk about showing 3/4 points which are nothing worth talking about. Sonmarg is quite infamous for fleecing by pony owners. One can check online forums like Tripadvisor and Indiamike on relevant threads to confirm this.

Touts and pony  & sledge owners at Sonmarg, Kashmir.

In Pahalgam, you need to hire a local taxi to visit tourists spots like Aru, Betaab valley and Chandanwari. You cannot use your pre-hired taxi to visit these places! This is due to tourist taxi racket of Pahalgam. The taxi union of Pahalgam dictates the charges for visiting these three locations. The time allotted for tourist at each site is pre-fixed, if someone exceeds the allotted time – you need pay extra!

There are very high chances that you’ll be approached by a Kashmiri shawl or suit seller across Kashmir – in houseboats during your stay in both Nagin and Dal lake, while you are enjoying Shikara ride in Dal lake, in public parks in Pahalgam. These salesman are quite skilled. They are persistent and quite deft in  using emotional dialogues to make a sale. There are very high chances that women will fall into their sales trap. One comes across similar tourist traps in Agra and Jaipur as well, but Kashmir steals the show!

Dal lake. Houseboats lined up in the background. Srinagar, Kashmir

The hotels in Kashmir are quite expensive as compared to hotels elsewhere in India given similar level of service and quality of property. One of the major reason is  hardly any new hotels have come up in last few years in tourist sectors in Kashmir, creating scarcity of rooms. While I don’t advocate building of new hotels or rooms because of its ecological impact, I seriously think that either the room rate must be realistic or at least hotels be upgraded to the levels of price charged.

I never felt scared at any moment nor was I troubled by any one in Kashmir, but it’s just not same as elsewhere say in Himachal Pradesh or uttarkhand. I was well advised to stay away from certain places specially the isolated ones. There are many places where troubles brew up at the slightest instance. Some villages are popular for stone pelting on way to Gulmarg and Sonmarg. It was surprising that town of Anantnag is  called Islamabad by Kashmiris! Locals in Kashmir would refer to non Kashmiri as “Hindustani” which shows the state of mental  divide.

I had many conversations with locals in Kashmir. There are pains of past – tough years. I spoke with a Kashmiri manager of a hotel owned by a Punjabi; he was grateful that owners paid salary through the long tough years out of his pockets as tourist arrival dropped to zero during militancy years.They have pain of not being able to get permission from local authorities to get the hotel renovated. Similarly, a taxi owner commented that he would want both Pakistani and “Hindustani” to visit Kashmir so they could make more money! I met a guide in Gulmarg who helped us out in difficult situation without asking for extra money which he could have. Similarly, we had a bad shikara experience because the care taker was quite cold in his behavior. It’s unexpected in Kashmir as Kashmiris are known for their hospitality.

Locals enjoy the perfect weather at Chashmeshahi Garden- One of the four Mughal Gardens in Srinagar, kashmir

As I said, I did not have any trouble but it was not really a wow experience. The tourist racket is certainly pain in the neck. If someone would like to object that it does exists at other places in India too…Yes, it does but still the overall experience is not the same. One cannot head anywhere, anytime in Kashmir like Uttarakhand!! The tourists rackets are everywhere but when you mix it with unique political situation out here, it becomes different. I decided to drive through the Jammu-Srinagar highway and not fly in directly to Srinagar to get a better sense of things. There is a “better Kashmir” with typical Kashmiri hospitality. But it doesn’t exist at touristy places like Sonmarg or Gulmarg…or Srinagar!

Picture perfect! Betaab Valley in Pahalgam, Kashmir, one of top places to see in Pahalgam for tourists.

In the end, I would like to narrate an experience I had at the Boulevard road in Srinagar while shopping in late evening around dusk. An old Kashmiri man aged 60-65 years stopped me by holding my arm and gave me a deep look. As if we knew each other for years! He asked me very politely if I would like to take a Shikara ride in Dal lake. I found it very difficult to refuse but it was already dark and I had other plans. I had to tell him that I would love to but not today. He understood and told me the Dal lake gate number where he can be found the following day. This can happen only in Kashmir! Kashimiri people understands the language of emotions.

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21 thoughts on “Why My Kashmir Experience Was Far From A Paradise On Earth?

    1. Alok if you visit all these places -sonmarg, gulmarg and pahalgam these instances are striking. No where in India you’ll come across similar practice. it’s true across world tourists are fleeced in touristy places. In India Kashmir stands apart. In some instances there’s no escape like sight seeing in Pahalgam. I never had any such problem else where in India. thanks for your sharing your views

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Most Kashmiris are very skillful scammers and fraudsters, even online! 👎🏿 Not a single sign in their facial expressions, their eyes, their body language, gestures that they’ are lying. They are mostly con artists, leaders of tricks and deceptions. Kashmir law enforcement must do something so those retards don’t think they can just wash hands and get away with their sham scams.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi arv,

    I have travelled to almost all the hill stations of India and Kashmir valley is indeed incomparable from beauty point of view. I am glad you took the decision of visiting all those breathtaking places in Kashmir though they are losing their initial charm due to pollution and terrorism.
    The first time I visited Kashmir, I was too young, there was no terrorism yet I could see through the people who tried to trick and dupe us but I would like to add where is the place in India, which is tourist friendly and you don’t find such thugs? They know whom to approach and are quick to understand whether they can extract an extra penny! You can find them all over North India. Eastern side is much better. I found Leh too mesmerising and people very nice and friendly!
    The second time I visited Kashmir valley, I arrived with a slight trepidation but found the place very normal, people going about their work without any fear and their were SUV’s all around, showing progress. I didn’t meet many local people but whosoever took us around, the taxi drivers and the shikara men were all nice and hospitable. Yes, they all want expect an extra tip, which we gave because of their good service.
    One has to be smart enough to understand their clever tricks and keep distance.


    1. I will agree with you on all above. I have been to many tourist places in India. Khajuraho was only place which wasn’t so touristy. Even places like Jodhpur and Jaiselmer are exception.practice followed by tourist cartel in Pahalgam has spread to other places as well. What can you do if you are forced to buy expensive sight seeing package from them? Your taxi driver will refuse as the cartel will damage his car if he violates this rule. There is nothing you can do. lately this practice has transported to ladakh as well, which was one of the most tourist friendly places without any kind of issues. Bakshish is always demanded in Kashmir irrespective of quality of service whereas it is supposed to be dependent on service quality. The reason for writing was that these things immediately strike up which is not the case in say Kerela. I’m happy that you have had two great experiences in Kashmir. thanks for sharing the post as well as your thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh – what a sad read… in sofar as such a beautiful place now has a dark side to it. I have some beautiful kasmiri silk which my grand father bought for my grand mother back in 1930. She preserved it in tissue paper and made a christening gown for my children from it. Such a beautiful piece of silk and history too…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think these things happen at most tourist places, especially when an economy is totally dependent on tourism. It happened with us too, but we decided to walk/hike to most spots and the ones not accessible by walking, we skipped. We also went to some offbeat spots, so our overall experience was pretty good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do agree that fleecing is rampant across all tourist places in the World, but somehow some situations are pretty peculiar. Having spoken and interacted with many other travelers, situations like not allowing taxis from elsewhere to ferry tourist to Pahalgam’s Tourist attraction is not common everywhere. I also searched internet travel forums where I came across strong reactions from tourists w.r.t. their experiences in Kashmir. Apart from this, we were very happy with Kashmir!


  4. Agree with you. Even backpackers on budget are also not spared. Many guides and operators have been spoiled by the hefty tips foreign tourists give them. They try to operate on short term gains on an uncertain income that has only a part of the year to make money. The smart tourists come with their research and not fall for the typical baits. While others choose to drop Kashmir for elsewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vaibhav, Traveler who have had good experience in Kashmir feel that it’s nothing different….it happens everywhere. Ask people who do self planned trip using public transport, they will certainly point it out…it is not like any other place. The attitude attitude​ is different. Tipping is expected even if you are not happy with their services. They don’t feel ashamed in asking for tips. It’s like their right. TripAdvisor and indiamike forums have many such stories. I think they need to understand it’s their loss.


  5. An eye-opener for people who are going to visit Kashmir in the future. Deceiving tourists and fleecing is quite common in all the popular places in India. In such cases, booking a tour package and having the tour guide talk to the locals is better than you talking directly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Prasad. I agree it is rampant across India but somehow one feels helpless in a place like Kashmir because of many reasons. I agree having a reliable intermediatory helps. Have you ever been to Kashmir?


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