WPC-Face/ Children at Wan Village

The post appears in response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge- Face. Find It here. The Challenge this week :

“In a new post, show us a face — and feel free to share the story or the person behind it. We look forward to seeing your takes!”

Here is my response for the WPC theme

Happy faces at Wan village which falls on the Roopkund Trek route as well as Nanda Devi Jat Yatra. Weekly Photo Challenge- Face

The above picture was clicked in  the remote village of Wan, Uttrakhand, India. The happy face – Sooraj and Jayanti.

I was just wondering what is it that brings smile on their faces despite the hardships of a remote location, harsh weather and limited means. Happy face…Something that  kids growing up in the cities miss.

I think innocence and contentment is secret of their smile! What do you think?

(Wan is a village that falls on famous mysterious lake – Roopkund Trek route)

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14 thoughts on “WPC-Face/ Children at Wan Village

      1. Sorry, I felt innocence in every kid smile and all are kind of refreshing for me, but yha confessing some metro cities kid or kid in exposure to outer world more loose their this innocency bit sooner.

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      2. Hey! There’s nothing to be sorry about… We’re just expressing our opinions! I feel that environment in cities is making kids lose their innocence… thanks for expressing your views!

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