Decathlon is a French Multinational selling sports and adventure products across the World. Their Hiking product range under Quechua brand is extremely popular in India. It’s not difficult to understand why it is so! They make good quality products at a very competitive prices. Value that no other brand can match, till now!

I’m reviewing Quechua Forclaz 50 Men Hiking Fleece in this post.

Quechua Forclaz 50 Men hiking fleece, on one of the Himalayan treks!


This review is not sponsored or paid, it is based out of my own usage & experience. Often while purchasing outdoor gear, I have been facing problem in finding reliable and adequate reviews of the products. Thus for the benefit of trekking/ hiking and outdoor community, I have decided to review all the products purchased by me on this blog. I hope these reviews will make things easier while purchasing outdoor gear.

Forclaz 50 men hiking fleece used by me is almost 2 years old and has been used on two Himalayan treks! One of them being a high altitude trek. Apart from these two treks, I have been using it on hikes in Aravali hills, on a regular basis. This puts me in a position to post this review, for everyone’s benefit.

Forclaz 50 was purchased online via Snapdeal.com. 

The look: The fleece features a half zip with no side or chest pocket. There’s a label on side mentioning – strasemic, which is a Decathlon branding for warm wear. The fleece has a subtle”Quechua” branding on shoulder stitch line.

Quechua Branding on Forclaz hiking warm wear

Weight: This fleece is light weight. Their website specification list it at 270 grams for L size. This is one of the lightest fleece sold by Decathlon under Quechua brand. Completely  made out of polyester fabric.

Fit: The product is tailored for a snug fit. For a fit and athletic person, its great. Heavy built people would require a bigger size.

Warmth: This product is not meant for very cold weather.This  fleece feels comfortable  & adequate in temperature ranging between 10-25 C. Anything lower? You need to add layer or look for higher density fleece offered by decathlon/ Columbia/ Wildcraft etc. Decathlon claims that Forclaz 50 is engineered for temperatures between 5-10 C. I feel it’s not the case. If you are complementing with some other body warmer or product like Forclaz 20…..well may be!!

Quechua warm wear branding Stratermic on Hiking warm wear fleece

Finish & quality: The finish of the product is excellent and so is the quality. Even after many washes the product still retains the color and shape. Of course, the product was not washes in washing machine,the easiest way to ruin a good product! It was hand washed. There was no problem of excess threads poking near stitch line.  The product carries  2 year guarantee!


Notice the subtle Quechua branding on the shoulder.Quechua Forclaz 50 Men Hiking Fleece


ConclusionQuechua Forclaz 50 Men Hiking Fleece is a great product. Offering amazing value and product experience, it currently has no rivals in this price range. There are good options available from Wildcraft and Columbia but they all are priced higher. Columbia has very few stores across the India. Wildcraft,on the other hand has many physical stores but their store size is quite small and not every store stocks their complete range specially winter wear. I checked at their stores in Jaipur, Delhi and Bangalore, they have very limited range winter wear products concentrating more on regular items. They do sell their products online but I have no experience with their customer service. I have always bought Wildcraft product from physical stores. Decathlon on the other hand has amazing online purchase experience, which extends from product exchange to after sales guarantee support. Their physical store presence is also on rise!

Alternative products you can consider:


  COLUMBIA Men’s Klamath Range™ II Half Zip Fleece

Update: some of these links may or may not work since most companies keep changing their product range. However, you can visit their store to check out current offering.

Caveat: Since Wildcraft and Columbia haven’t mentioned guarantee terms of the above products, I assume both these brands do not offer any guarantee.

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